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Ich bestelle gerne wieder. Monika H. Gisela S. Habe bis jetzt keine Nachricht über den Eingang meiner Rücksendung erhalten. Deshalb würde ich nicht mehr bestellen. Iris P. We are looking for a passionate Front-End Developer to join our team and support us in tackling some fascinating projects. Students listen up! Leave your hallowed halls where you are studying communication science, social siences, marketing, or similar and get your hands dirty with real project management work.

Learn from practitioners, learn on real jobs, learn for life. Drop us a line. We're looking for dab hands in the design area so if that sounds like you then drop us a line. Sometimes the melody is just as important as the meaning. Louisa is a writer, so she knows. Onomatopoeic or not, if done artfully, this word alone can brighten up a sentence. After all, she knows how to conjure her expecto patronum. With being a badass at analogue photography, Robert installed the first darkroom at fork of course for developing photos. With tastings of dark chocolate and his all black everything attitude, we can say that he fits perfect in our deep, culty family.

But we have to admit: People, Events, Administration, Culture, Etc. Here comes the SUN! A word of caution: Digging for the right humanoid material; setting up inspiring work-n-playlists; manipulating group dynamics to certain levels of ecstasy; being well-prepared but still able to make decisions on the fly; doing at least two things simultaneously; aligning pace, … mike drop! It actually is frightening to realize how skilled now days cubs are.

Already at a young age they are capable to challenge us alphas, to end our reign with a single stroke of their paws. Fortunately, we are still hearing the sound of a gently-purring Leo…. Thanks to open boarders between the German Federal States he was able to join our Cologne team, where he has become the epicenter of creative thinking and free sketching. Like the Indian goddess Sita who denotes good sign, good fortune, prosperity, success, and happiness.

Sita is the beloved dog at the Hamburg headquarters, who despite doing the least amount work in the team is one of our most valued members of the team. She is the heart and soul of our office and we all pray that she will pay us a personal visit to make our day that extra bit better. At Fork he jumps right into a junction of low and high-level languages, design vocabulary, as well as the grammar of responsive web-design. We are so happy to have him aboard our quest for an inspirational Esperanto of design.

Would fit, when it comes to campaign ideas. On the other hand, Arne might also just be a foo-fighting metalhead. If there was an Academy Award for project managers and if it was up to us , it would definitely go to… imagine a drum roll here: Lisa Landowski. Wolf is one of those friendly and soft spoken fellows. Goodness, what big eyes you have! The better to find the best content for you, responds Mr. Cathy German pronunciation please! She moved to Hamburg for love and found another love, in the beautiful Hansestadt.

Cool as a cucumber, she has meditated her way through many a pilgrimage, walking miles and miles through the mountains of Spain and Portugal. Needless to say, Cathy has found her zen here at Fork! Hanne is the girl rocker of our little endeavour. Away from the mud of festivals she is a guarantor for clean and reusable code. Jumping in at the deep end of work. No task too difficult, too simple, too exciting, too boring, too whatever. His skill-set is like the primordial soup, almost anything can develop out of it. Boy on a wireframe. Wireframe-fame is guaranteed, a bright future is awaiting this fellow.

One of the doglovers at Fork. His long-lasting experience with the bow-wow might be the reason for his mastery in non-aggressive fighting when it comes to resolving conflicts with barking external IT departments. In the end, he is always part of the solution. Lucky us, she decided to bring in her skill and labor, helping us to change the web for the better. Martini, is a higher calling on behalf of those struggling with the ubiquitous digital layer; and all the users sing: To boil it down to one simple fact: Jalma is somewhat ubiquitous as you will find her in Hamburg and her Doppelgängerin in Munich — her twin sister.

Having spent time in Australia and Britain, she has accumulated a lot of experience and is very driven person. Girl meets code and nothing stays the same. Julia was a designer down-on-her-luck in the no-go areas of Offenbach, when she met Code, who asked her to strap her hands across his engines, and run with him. From south to north, from design to code with occasional relapses.

Peter comes with an always self-reflective approach, and if he keeps going like this, will become part of the Fork Allstars.

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Look closely! With a little luck you will find Teresa, generally well camouflaged within personae, sketches, or paper click dummies. When it comes to crafting UX concepts Ms. Huschet is a busy bee visiting touchpoint after touchpoint for the pollen and nectar that improves joy of use. It seems like she CAN be everywhere at once, and the best part, she always has a smile on her face. And boy does she pack a punch! One can checkout at any time but almost never leave. Especially the good ones are not allowed to desert. And so it came to pass that Sarah abandoned us once but is still around.

Fräulein Moser talent in project management is more than welcome. Not only every project she gets in her different long fingers turns into gold, also her delicious banana bread tastes especially. Roman is known to lead his fellowship without any unnecessary shilly-shally. His rule is often associated with extravagance but never tyranny. Our Sina is an avid chocolate lover, who enjoys all the sweet things life has to offer and it goes without saying, without her in the team very few would be able to brighten up our day like she does.

Rieckel has packed a Poor Boy Sweater , when moving to Hamburg, but since she equally likes rain and sunshine, she seems to be perfectly equipped for the weather around here. Her musical taste might be stuck somewhere in the 90ies but her managerial skills are up-to-date. Lina adds a lot of cheerful laughter and a hint of liquorice to our project management team.

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The Mikkat is a wunderkind from the shores of the Baltic Sea. As if it were nothing, he is shapeshifting in-between concept guy, designer and programmer. At this point, we also realized that it is for us to teach him about the advantages of imperfection. When too perfect, lieber Gott böse. Prima project ballerina Elena has the superb ability to re- order and resolve almost any kind of tense situation.

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Somehow, she must have secret techniques of controlling bodies and the minds of people. Holger is a living database when it comes to the silver screen. Apparently it never rains in California. So you can imagine our surprise when we managed to attract a real-life California Guy to rainy Hamburg. And not just any old California Guy either.

Jason Lee Rogers as our newest code-crusader. Despite their finger issues — Django having two of his fingers disabled, Charly having the weirdest pencil grip since the invention of writing in ancient Mesopotamia — both men became stunning virtuosos in their trade. Buen trabajo, Hermano. And a lot like a female MacGyver, she can handle any situation with composure, finesse and charm.

Although controversial, our favourite authentic Hamburger comes with neither fries nor onions, but rather with glasses, an inconceivable knowledge of quality assurance and of course…a whole lotta cheese. Form follows Förg.

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Peter is the impersonation of design process. Every layout saved on his hard-drive works like clock-work. You want something done? A video tutorial is all Paula needs to accomplish the task, any task including triathlon! Born and raised in Transylvania, this redhead knows no fear. Like a bloodsucker she is very thirsty for good design and beautiful art. LL is an account director by day and an urban culture ambassador by night! Lena is urban in every way shape and form: Her humour is second to none and her idiosyncratic personality is very refreshing our studio.

Keep doing you Lena! Werkstudentin Laura from Weserbergland is our very own Wunderkind. Because she can do absolutely e v e r y t h i n g! When they arrived they were each greeted with an enviable hi-5 and left with a mixtape of Kakkmaddafakka. Daniela, you are the star! For our part, we did not hesitate one second entrusting Markus with a responsible task in our Southern outpost. And he rewards us with excellent work. How to deal with females envying Markus for his endless, fabulously voluminous lashes.

As if it were nothing, this developer transcends frontiers — you shoulda see him levitating his longboard from frontend to backend — and manages to smuggle poetic scripts from beyond the screens. Johannes has the ability to change his appearance at will: Just like any other accomplished backend programmer.


Niente di nuovo sotto il Sole? Far from it!

Our tech team has been spiced up with Mediterranean flair.